MSI provides a wide range of embedded systems for industrial and commercial use. We are able to design from high-performance to low-power embedded computing products. Today, MSI working to deliver integrated, highly scalable symmetric multiprocessing solution that addresses the high performance, low power, and design consistency demanded by various leader customers in its field.

Providing flexibility and solid reliability, across all form factors, our solutions meet specific application needs and processor speed, memory configuration, I/O expandability and environmental requirements. Our solutions are perfect for any computing environment and meets market standards.

Our disciplined R&D team allows us to be ahead of our competition in product development cycle time without compromising quality. MSI is committed to delivering quality solutions to our customers through our OEM/ODM services. MSI promises to serve global solution integrators with flexible tailor-made designs and superior manufacturing services.

From panel computing to Medical, Industrial Computing to Vehicle Infotainment and Compact PC to Human Machine Interface (HMI), delivered straight from our corporate OEM/ODM Team, the solutions benefit our clients by lower manufacturing costs as well as a shorter lead-time for product development.

CE BU is a professional System Integration department focused on Android System Solution with passionate about innovating products that revolutionize the industry and take the customer to a whole new level.

Fleet Management

All-in-One Device

MSI provides the most versatile mobile device in the transportation industry. Applicable to fleets of all vehicle types, this innovative device works both inside and outside the vehicle to provide fleet managers valuable operational information. We help automate common processes and offer the flexibility to create custom applications and tailor the device to maximize your operational value.

Our devices fleet management software design team would leverage several years of experiences in Android system to provide key features such as,

  1. real-time information about vehicles in the system, based upon what is happening; managers can make decisions about service in real time.
  2. Vehicle location and status can be continuously monitored and correlated with planned work and schedules.
  3. Voice communications are controlled, prioritized and channeled to either one-on-one conversations or to broadcast messages from the dispatcher to groups or all vehicles.
  4. Text messaging between dispatchers and the drivers is also provided.
  5. Cargo information also available in real time for drivers and control center.

Product features include:

  • Driver Hours-of-Service
  • Verified Electronic Vehicle Inspections
  • Two-Way Messaging
  • Advanced Navigation
  • Driving Performance Results
  • Visual Driver Feedback
  • Camera and Video For Documenting Defects Or Damaged Freight
  • Document & Signature Capture
  • Driver Friendly Applications Including Web-Browsing and Email Access
  • Open Android platform for custom applications and integrations


We continuously create and produce products that meet high quality, high reliability, environmental friendly and Smart Human-AI to automobile manufacturers.

All MSI’s manufactures are certified and complied with TS-16949. With the certification, we are able to provide most reliable daily use product to world class level OE manufacturers. Our dedicated automobile team works closely with customers by offering on-site support, fast/simple RMA process, latest technology information exchange and more.



Offer wide range of software/hardware packages to meet a variety of functionality needs to a gaming system. MSI CE provides touch functions, demo code and utilities for handling gaming control and cash security. Significant security packages offer customizable protection for your software and hardware investment. The protocols provide a framework for game software to communicate with Host system as part of casino management. A set of test software to establish confidence in the hardware platform build into the game's self-diagnostic function. A range of industrial computer boards and systems for gaming offers the widest selection of long lifecycle, high performance products.


As one of the leading hospitality service technology providers, MSI provides innovative and powerful solutions to hotels, casinos, cruise lines, sports/entertainment venues and all types of restaurants.

Our solutions offer unparalleled reliability, functionality and control over every aspect of your operation, including self-service, on-site management, inventory & procurement, dining reservations, analytics, point-of-sale (POS), document management.

If you need to enhance guest satisfaction and maximize profitability, MSI offers solutions that help you turn into new revenue streams and serve your guests in innovative ways.


  • High reliability
  • Various application purposes
  • High customization requirements
  • Operates in various environments: indoor to semi-outdoor environments
  • Simple maintenance


With our special design Board-X, you’ll get functionality you’ll ever want for the Treadmill and Exercise Bike. Our single board design will give you more advantages than traditional way could.

You can have 7”~20” touch screen, fast boot (five seconds) the system, able to connect online(WIFI or landline), Bluetooth for your BT devices, iPhone/iPod connection for your video/music stream, watch local TV or Video on Demand, monitor parts status of your equipment, water resist, vibration test approved, and more.

For the future expendability, you can order pizza for dinner while you are exercise, watch your home camera for safety purpose, check task status from your cloud storage, interact through screen with close friends or relatives while they are exercise as well. With our solution board, you’ll be able to do more and spend less compare with others.

Ideal design for home and commercial use. For more detail information, please contact MSI CE for immediate assistant.

Intelligent Home/Building

With our multi-tasking design board, we give you the abilities to control most of your home devices by offering one simply touch screen system.

Convenience and Automation

  • Multi-Room Audio- Listen to your favorite tunes from anywhere in your home
  • Multi-Room Video- watching a show in one room and continue in another.
  • Lighting Control-able to control whole house lighting
  • Climate Control-centralize system gives you the option
  • Home Theater- creates home theater media anywhere in your house.
  • Security and Intercom- monitor your security system from any room in your house
  • Communication-integrate telephones, intercom and high-speed Internet access into one controllable system.

Embedded Devices

With years of embedded expertise, MSI has the abilities to provide board-level to system-integrated solution with well-defined manufacturing process and industrial design availabilities.

MSI's Embedded Computing solutions have been successfully applied into fields of transportation, e-Service, medical, manufacturing automation, telecommunication, and military.

We provide cost-effective display solutions and various sizes of industrial LCD panels which support high brightness, sunlight readable and resistive touch functions. Many of our customers have been benefit from our services in terms of convenience, efficiency, competitiveness, reliance, and cost-effective.